Cosmo's Whole Chicken Hearts - 3oz


  • Naturally occurring Taurine – essential for a healthy heart
  • Solid source of High Quality Protein
  • USA sourced, fresh & additive free chicken hearts
Packed with Taurine - - a vital amino acid that can is often lacking in commercial pet foods. A Taurine deficiency can lead directly to heart and liver disease which can affect many other systems and functions. Another important natural inclusion in our hearts is Iron, an element essential for humans and pets alike. It’s function is to form hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body - -it’s also necessary for certain enzymes inside the body to function normally.   
This is a healthy, additive free treat that provides a nutritional boost - naturally - - no synthetic vitamins or minerals! Your pets digestive system will thank you as well – these hearts are very easy to chew & digest.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (Max %): 8
Protein (Min %) : 85
Fat (Max %): 7
Fiber (Max %): .16
Taurine (Min. %) 0.90%
Iron (Min. %)  171 ppm

These whole chicken hearts are a fresh, incredible heart health supporting treat. They are created using a freeze-drying process that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, whole chicken hearts. This process also acts a method of locking in the aroma, valuable nutrients, texture and freshness. You will instantly notice the rich color of the organ and tissue. There is typically still blood in the chambers of these beauties.