Floral Plush Roses Hide and Seek by Foufit


Our newest nosework toy, is a beautiful plush rose. A great way to show your dog how much you love them. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or their Gotcha Day, it's the perfect gift. With a hidden squeaker and crinkle leaves, this toy leaves your dog with endless ways to stay engaged. Hide treats within the petals and leaves to keep your dog occupied, while they learn how to effectively use their nose and get rewarded with tasty treats along the way!

*NOTE: Please use this toy for nosework and treat foraging only. Once treats have been found, remove toy to preserve longevity of toy. Plush roses are sold as one single toy (group picture for visual reference only).

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Other Benefits:

Great gift for Valentine's Day, Gotcha Day or any special event!
Keeps your dog busy and occupied
Encourages stimulation of all their senses
Helps to relieve separation anxiety
Interactive and fun
Improves your dog's cognition