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  • Soggy Doggy Doormat - Grey with Bone

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    Product Description

    Add this doormat to your home for a cleaner home, even with a messy dog. This microfiber chenille doormat can absorb any excess water and trap dirt brought into the house by your pups, leaving your home looking better.


    • This doormat is machine washable and dryer friendly, for a quick and easy clean.
    • The doormat is made with microfiber chenille, making ti super absorbent.
    • The doormat has a non-slip backing, helping to keep it in place.

    Our microfiber chenille doormat can help keep your home cleaner by absorbing excess water and trapping dirt, that your dog may bring in on their paws. Place these doormats by the front or backdoor to help stop the muddy paw prints from being tracked through your home.


    • Grey color with white bone
    • 80% microfiber chenille
    • 20% polyamide
    • Non-slip backing
    • Machine washable
    • Dryer safe
    • Size: 26 inches x 36 inches